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Online Meetings

In all the preparatory meetings held so far, we have noticed that the primary interest of the participants has been to talk to each other. This website and the forum are certainly helpful in answering questions and gathering information. But they cannot replace the common conversations.

The APOD organisers invited all participants to a video conference on 8 December 2021 to report on new developments and take questions from participants.

After the event, many participants stayed for the online meeting to exchange ideas. There were so many topics of conversation that the unofficial meeting lasted over an hour.

It was the opinion of all participants that it would be good if such meetings took place more often.

Therefore, it was decided that from January 2022, further online meetings will be invited to take place regularly on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 18:00.

There are no specific topics and no agenda. We just want to talk about the topics that are currently moving us. As a side effect, we get to know each other early on and do not face each other as strangers at the rally.

link to direct dial-in to the online meeting: